Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Grand Tetons

My first view of the Grand Tetons was the most impressive sight of the trip thus far. These mountains are so striking because there are no foothills. They just rise straight up from the valley. A series of lakes at their base provide a beautiful foreground for the peaks.

Before the Grand Tetons came into view yesterday, I had to climb to Togwotee Pass.

The uphill ride was long but gentle. At 9600 feet, two workers were sholving snow on a side road to clear the way to a fishing lake that was still partially iced over.

At the pass, someone had posted a warning to bike thieves.

After reaching the pass, I had a nineteen mile descent. As I approached the Grand Tetons park entrance, I encountered my second stretch of construction that day. The flagger told me that I would have to be transported through the construction. Complaining that they were depriving me of two and a half miles of my cross-country ride got me nowhere. I'll still claim that I biked coast to coast.

Once in the park, I biked to Signal Mountain campground on Jackson Lake. A ranger directed me to one of the last two available sites. I spent the afternoon and evening down by the lake taking in the view and watching the sun set.

Today's thirty mile ride to Jackson, WY could not have been more enjoyable. The winds were light, the road ran downhill, and the views were amazing. I was slowed only by my many stops to take pictures.

The traffic into Jackson was heavy with a steady flow of RVs. Jackson is the quintessential resort town, full of stores clearly catering to the throngs of tourists. The Snake River Brewery and the people watching made it an enjoyable place to pass the afternoon.


Sarah said...

lucky you - in one of my favorite states. too bad everyone in the state is leaving to find work elsewhere...very happy to hear and see that all is going well. think of you often here in the magee household.

J.Root said...

Beautiful camerawork.