Monday, May 12, 2008

The Blue Ridge Parkway

Today's ride was tough but rewarding. After binging on carbs, left-over Spaghetti O's and oatmeal (I decided against mixing them together), I rode away from the bike house. The mountaintops were cloud covered when I set out.

After about a mile, I was on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a cold, damp day. The temperature hovered just above 40 degrees and a cold wind was blowing from the North. Overcast skies threatened rain but never delivered (fortunately, as I was already chilled). Traffic was light on the Parkway and the vistas were spectacular, making the climbs easier.

I reached 3300 feet at one point in the ride. After several hours of climbing at 5-7 mph and then descending only to climb again, I exited the Parkway and rode into Vesuvius. A 14-mile stretch of mostly flat road was a welcome change, as was pedaling at 17-19 mph. I decided to spend the night in Lexington. June recommended that I take a look around as it is steeped in history. Both Jackson and Lee lived here. I passed the Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University on my way through town. I'm holed up at a Red Carpet Inn tonight as it looks like foul weather and cold temps are in store once again tonight. I haven't needed my sunglasses for the past four days. I'm ready for a little sun.


Peter said...

Way to go Brian!
Those Appalacian Mountains can be tough! that's great that you met the Cookie Lady, I've read about her in a lot of cross country blogs.
Hope you get some sun soon, and the clouds don't dampen your spirit. I'm really enjoying your updates, makes me wish I was out there rolling with you.
best wishes and enjoy the ride!

abrandt said...

You're doing great... now, with all that down-time at June's house why has the illinois construction blog not made it into your "everything else" category?

what happened to Matt and Dillon?