Monday, May 19, 2008

Kentucky Crossing

It felt good to cross into Kentucky yesterday, making Virginia my first completed state. However, soon after entering the state I was reminded that I may be out of Virginia but I'm not completely out of the mountains. I slogged through a hard rain for about an hour but the dreariness and sogginess of the ride was a distant memory by the time I arrived in Hindman, my destination for the night.

I stopped to take a picture in the small town of Hellier and an older man in an Opryland hat came out of his house to talk to me. He reminisced about seeing Lance Armstrong ride near Blacksburg, Virginia before his multiple Tour de France victories. I also crossed-paths with the first rider coming from the West coast. On his forty-fifth day, he was set to finish the ride in less than sixty days. He told me a few times how tired he was and that he was ready for it to be over.

There seem to be fewer options for lodging in Kentucky. Last night, I camped outside the Knott County Historical Society. The Adventure Cycling group was here as well.

The Society runs a B&B but it is closed right now for renovations. Nonetheless, they still provide a place to stay for bikers. David Smith, the caretaker, is an incredible host: he had a glass of ice water for me when I pulled up, did laundry, and arranged for food to be delivered. Several kittens provided the entertainment.

And after several days without cellphone service or internet access, it's nice to get a signal. I have another challenging day ahead before the terrain flattens out a bit.


mav said...

wonderful lush images, brian.
and finally one of you! hello.
hugs, maria

J.Root said...

It should be interesting to ride through Kentucky on primary day. Why don't you stop and try to vote - just to see what happens?

We hope you drift northwards in MO so we get to see you.


Nick said...

Congrats on the first state! Kentucky hills sure are pretty, but I bet they're no fun to ride over. Are you packing a computer in those panniers? That's dedication to your readers!

The Rider said...

J. Root, get that biked tuned up before I hit town.
Nick, I am packing a computer. I'm just that committed.

J. Root said...

I hope we're here when you pass through. (We'll be out of country in late June...) If we're here, I'll ride you through to Rocheport or maybe even Boonville. Sedalia is probably a little far for me.

"The bike is willing, but the flesh is weak."